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Sexy and attractive Facebook friends makes you popular, says Dutch study

Having good looking, sexy and attractive friends on Facebook will make you more popular, according to a recent Dutch study.

The Dutch study of students using online social networking shows that users tend to make new connections via their own more attractive friends regardless of whether they are male or female.

Writing in the International Journal of Web Based Communities, Christina Jaschinski and Piet Kommers of the University of Twente, The Netherlands, explain how they have carried out a preliminary study to try and understand better how relationships develop online.

“Social network sites have become essential for managing relationships in today’s life,” they explain. “Therefore, it is increasingly important for scientists to understand how impressions are formed and connections develop in the virtual world.”

The team recruited 78 students who use perhaps the most popular online social network, Facebook, apparently fast approaching 1 billion users, to investigate how the attractiveness of Facebook friends affects the impressions formed of friends of friends by users. The study simply involved mocking up Facebook profiles and asking the students to carry out a “hot or not” type assessment based purely on the visual appearance of the user’s profile photo within the page. The team found that someone is considered more likeable and seen as a potential friend when they are associated with good-looking friends.

The study was published in the International Journal of Web Based Communities.