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Sharing films directly from mobile to mobile just got really easy

Snipper, a Dutch start-up, goes live today on all main smartphone platforms: iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and from next week, Symbian. The innovative app makes it possible for users to easily record and broadcast short films directly from mobile to mobile.

Snipper users can share their special moments via their own channels – Private only for specifically invited viewers, or Public to share with anyone. The user decides who gets to see what.

Snipper’s CEO, Sander Andreae explains, “We all use social networks but don’t always want to share everything with everybody. You don’t necessarily want your parents to see what you get up to with your football mates! Our app makes it really easy for a user to create numerous broadcast channels, each for a separate audience. The user is in control.” This applies equally well to the content received because a Snipper user deliberately chooses the specific channels that he or she wants to follow. In addition, Snipper of course offers full integration with Facebook and Twitter allowing wall postings and likes.

The technology behind Snipper is also refreshingly different from current video sharing apps. Instead of sharing links to online platforms, films are ‘pushed’ directly from filmer to viewer so avoiding network connectivity failures during viewing. In fact it means that received films can be viewed without an active connection.

Another remarkable feature of the app is that it is available on all the main smartphone platforms right from launch – iOS, BlackBerry, Android and within days, Symbian. “Most apps tend to focus on 1 or 2 platforms. But Snipper is about sharing films with as many people as possible. We knew that, difficult as it would be, we had to be on all the major platforms. And with the same look and feel. I’m proud to say we’ve managed to do just that!”, says Andreae.

Apart from the mobile app Snipper offers users a full on-line ‘mirror’ of the mobile experience at Users can access extra functionality on-line such as more of their history and enhancing their profile. Extra functionality will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

The company is currently based in The Netherlands but has global ambitions. With its combination of direct mobile-to-mobile sharing, multi-platform reach, ease of use and audience flexibility Snipper really does have something new to offer the social networking world.