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Shell celebrates 100 years of innovation in Canada

In 2011 Shell celebrates 100 years of business in Canada.

To celebrate this milestone Shell is engaging Canadians through programs to help them reduce their environmental footprint to protect the land for future generations.

A lot has changed since 1911 but Shell has remained committed to innovation and leadership and strives to leave a positive legacy for all Canadians for generations to come.

Shell was the first company in Canada to: Remove the lead from gasoline, Introduce engine oil lubricants, Build tunnel car washes, Open self-serve gas stations, Produce Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel fuel, Publish a sustainable development report, Offer pay-at-the-pump technology.

Discover Shell’s many milestones over the past 100 years and look towards the future where Shell continues to lead the way as Canada develops it’s position as an energy superpower.