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Dick Maas SINT new horror movie trailer

Dick Maas, who directed The Lift and The Shaft (starring Naomi Watts) returns to the horror genre once more, this time offering up a twisted take on Christmas and ole Dutch Saint Nick.

Dick Maas’s Christmas thriller SINT which follows the story about Dutch Saint Nicholas, but the good Saint Nick ain’t who people think he is. In fact he is an evil bishop that will stop at nothing to kill as many children as possible.

The Dutch horror film SINT depicts St. Nicholas as a murderous bishop who kidnaps and murders children when there is a full moon on December 5. The story takes place in Amsterdam, Holland, on a misty and snowy december night.

The Dutch find the Saint Nicholas celebration the most important tradition.

The Dutch Advertising Code Committee has received dozens of complaints about the movie Sint by director Dick Maas. The complainants consider that the advertising for the movie is unsuitable for young children.

The national parent organization, Parents & Coo warns parents with young children to avoid the cinemas until December 5 for the Evil Santa Claus movie by Dick Maas SINT horror movie. To prevent parents young childeren with gruesome images of Evil Santa Claus.

The horror movie will be released on November 11 in Dutch cinemas, an International release hasn’t been announced yet.

For futher information head on over to Dick Maas’s SINT Official Website.