Six in every ten Dutch companies allow teleworking

Six in every ten Dutch companies allow teleworking

Last year, 59 percent of companies employing 10 at least 10 persons allowed teleworking according to figures released by Statistic Netherlands. The sectors financial services and ICT promote large-scale teleworking.

The proportion of companies with teleworking facilities has not grown further in the period 2010-2012. Between 2004 and 2010, the proportion of companies offering teleworking facilities has grown substantially. In 2004, teleworking was possible in only one quarter of companies versus more than 60 percent in 2010. This means that the proportion of teleworking companies has more than doubled in six years.

Teleworking common in ICT and financial sector
Teleworking was introduced on a large scale in financial services and ICT. In both sectors, nine in ten companies employ teleworkers. The widespread use of computers in these branches facilitates teleworking.
In sectors where the physical presence of employees is required, the teleworking rate is much lower. In the construction sector, for example, only half of companies employ teleworkers. Teleworking is least common in the sector hotels and restaurants (only one quarter of companies).

Netherlands just below EU average
The proportion of companies in the Netherlands promoting teleworking is just under the EU average of 60 percent. With eight in ten, Finland has the highest rate of companies employing teleworkers. In France and Spain, on the other hand, the proportion of teleworkers is relatively low.

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