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Slower melting ice cream soon

A Future recipe for ice cream includes a protein which reduces the size of ice crystals, which affects the structure and the taste of the ice cream and makes it melt at a slower rate.

The European Union has recently approved the use of a special protein which makes ice cream melt at a much slower rate. And the number of calories will be lower as well. The protein has already been approved in the US, Australia and a number of Asian countries. The Anglo-Dutch food company Unilever spent ten years developing the special protein.

The new protein can also make the ice cream less fatty, while retaining the same texture. Another option is to put more fruit in to the ice cream without turning it into a solid block of ice.

The product has been tested extensively, millions of these ice creams have been sold over the past few years and there have been no complaints about allergic reactions”.

Europeans have to wait one more year because of the adjustments at the ice cream factories to change the production process. The European Commission did not approve the use of the protein until April, much later than in other countries.

Only one more year of sticky fingers, and fast melting ice cream cones will be a thing of the past in a number of European countries.

source Slower melting ice cream thanks to protein – Radio Netherlands Worldwide – English.