Small positive result for Dutch transport sector

Small positive result for Dutch transport sector

Turnover generated by the Dutch transport sector in the second quarter of 2013 was 0.5 percent up from the same period last year. Airlines and courier firms were the main contributors to the positive result. Inland shipping, road haulage and other providers of logistic services faced loss of turnover as the volume of transported goods diminished according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

Turnover generated by the aviation sector improved as more passengers were carried and rising fuel prices were passed on to consumers. Since 2009, turnover developments in the aviation sector have always been positive.

The increase in online sales had a positive effect on local mail and courier firms. Providers of courier services achieved better turnover results, despite the persistent economic crisis. Most goods carried are delivered at the consumer’s home address by couriers. Courier service rates rose marginally in the second quarter.

Negative results road haulage
Road hauliers faced negative turnover results in the second quarter, although freight rates rose marginally. Turnover declined by more than 3 percent relative to the second quarter of 2012 as the supply of goods was limited. A similar downturn has not occurred in recent years.

Turnover results inland shipping further down
For the sixth quarter in a row, inland shipping could not realise turnover growth. Turnover declined by just under 3 percent in the second quarter. Overcapacity, the slump in the construction sector and the limited supply of goods have a negative effect on inland shipping.

Shipping agents also feel the impact of the recession
Providers of logistic services, e.g. storage, loading, unloading and transhipment facilities and shipping agents faced loss of turnover in the second quarter. The reduced supply of goods had a negative effect on the demand for logistic services. Currently, shipping agents are also beginning to feel the pinch of the recession. Turnover fell for the first time since early 2010.

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