Snake Bites Model and Dies From Silicone Poisoning

Snake Bites Model and Dies From Silicone Poisoning

During a sexy photoshoot, Israeli model Orit Fox was cuddling with and kissing a snake on Spanish television channel Telecinco when the reptile bit her silicone-implanted breast.

As the snake bit Fox, a man rushed over to help her and remove the snake from her breast.

The model was taken to Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera, northwest of Jerusalem, but later released after a tetanus shot and a few hours of observation.

But the snake did not fare so well. Days later, Telecinco reported that the creature had died of silicone poisoning soon after.

Footage of the incident on Spanish TV channel Telecino has gone viral and got nearly a quarter of a million hits on YouTube.

In the video, Fox can clearly be seen licking the snake, who unsurprisingly got a little carried away with itself and sunk its teeth into the model’s left breast.

See video of Snake Bites Model below

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