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Snapchat nearly doubles base in The Netherlands

Snapchat’s base in the Netherlands is growing quickly, with almost 2 million consumers having the app installed on their smartphones in June. This is nearly 900,000 more than a year ago, according to the latest research from Telecompaper. The app, used for sharing photos and videos, is especially popular with young people, with 71 percent of 12-19 year-olds saying they have Snapchat on their phones. This drops to 28 percent of those in their 20s and just 2 percent of 50-64 year-olds, according to the most recent Dutch Apps Market report from Telecompaper.

Instagram also shows a strong increase in its installed base, again largely among teenagers. Among 12-19 year-olds, 74 percent said in June they had Instagram on their phones, versus 42 percent a year earlier. However, Instagram is also more popular than Snapchat with other age groups, reaching 27 percent of 30-39 year-olds.

The report also looks at how consumers value their apps. Facebook Messenger showed an improving score, with 86 percent of users say the messaging service is good or very good, up from 81 percent a year ago. The best-rated app remains WhatsApp, with 98 percent saying the chat function is good to very good.

“The results show that users are much less satisfied with the call functions on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, while the messaging services on these apps are highly valued”, said Telecompaper CEO Ed Achterberg. “This is in line with the low satisfaction with call apps in general and is inherent in the fact that the call runs completely over a data connection. The caller is unaware of the quality of the network on the receiving line. WhatsApp and Facebook could do better here by indicating before the call whether the recipient has a good connection.”

The Dutch Apps Market report is based on the continuous online survey conducted by the Telecompaper Consumer Panel. Every six months at least 10,000 Dutch consumers are questioned on their use of mobile telephony, internet, TV and fixed telephony.