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Snoop Dogg Shocked That He Was Banned From Dutch Music Festival

Snoop Dogg has been banned from a free festival in the Netherlands after police said they wanted to guarantee its “open and friendly character”.

Authorities asked organisers to find a replacement act for Parkpop in The Hague because they thought the US rapper was inappropriate.

Snoop Dogg’s reps are saying that Snoop was “astonished” after he found out he was dropped from the Parkpop festival in The Netherlands.

The festival’s organizers claimed that were looking for an act that would match the “open and friendly character” of the concert and apparently, Snoop didn’t make the grade!

His management however, is saying that Snoop Dogg has played these festivals many times before and they’re shocked that he was banned. In a statement, his manager wrote:

“Snoop Dogg is astonished by the decision of the Mayor of The Hague, a town in the south of Holland, to not allow him to perform at the free festival, Parkpop. There’s been much speculation that, given the enormous response by Snoop’s fans to the free festival, the local authorities would not be able to provide sufficient security.

Mojo, the largest concert promoter in the Netherlands says, ‘We have never had any issues with Snoop, who has played magnificent shows at many of the festivals we promote such as Lowlands, North Sea Jazz and at several other promoted shows by Mojo.’ Snoop is a mainstay at music festivals all over the world and has performed at all of these without incident.”

Snoop Dogg will not perform at Parkpop on June 27, but the rapper will perform this month at 3 other concerts in Groningen (June 27), Amsterdam (June 28) and Tilburg (June 29).