iPhone App Highlights Social Aspect of Listening to Music

iPhone App Highlights Social Aspect of Listening to Music

One of the newest apps in the iTunes App Store is Music Party DJ, an interactive app that allows users to play music and share their playlists with their friends at a party or gathering. Users and their friends can influence the music being played on the sound system by entering their votes and requesting songs right on their mobile phones.

Music Party DJ is now available in the iTunes App Store. The app helps get the party started by enabling users to share their playlists while playing music at parties or social gatherings. It also enables friends who are attending the event and listening to the music to make requests and tell the DJ what they really think about what they’re hearing by entering their votes. Music Party functions like a jukebox in the user’s pocket, showing not only the songs that are coming up on the DJ’s playlist, but also the DJ’s entire music library.

There are two versions of the app. Music Party is the limited version, which is the companion app for Music Party DJ. With Music Party DJ, users create a set list from the songs they have in their iPod library. Then they invite their friends to connect to their device via their local Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. Friends choose to connect via the full Music Party DJ version or the free limited version, Music Party. 

Users of both versions can vote on the DJ’s set list, request songs, and chat with friends about the music. However, the full version is required for those who actually want to be the DJ and play tunes for their friends. Both versions of Music Party were developed by independent software developer Synendo.

Synendo founder Marco Henkes says, “I wanted to make an app that was about more than just music. Listening to music is a social activity, but I felt that the other apps on the market did not do justice to the social aspect of enjoying music together.”

Both Music Party and Music Party DJ work on the iPhone and the iPod touch and are available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store. The first two weeks after the launch of the apps, the company will offer Music Party DJ at a 33 percent discount. It will sell for $1.99 USD instead of its regular price of $2.99 USD. The offer ends September 18. Music Party is the free limited version of the app.

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