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Social Dining brings expats together over amazing food

Social Dining – a “real life” social network that brings people together over amazing food at top restaurants – will launch its international platform for expats and internationals in the Netherlands during the Social Dining Expat Week. This event celebrates the launch with a week of social dining from February 25th to March 1st, 2013. During this week, diners can book special multiple course dinners for €19 at a range of restaurants in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. A free membership of The Guest Card and other daily deals will be offered to all participants.

Online platform for offline social dinners
Social Dining is a community where friends and future friends join group meals. Whether you want to get to know people from your neighborhood, you’re new in a city, or just want to meet like-minded folks. Dinners are held at great restaurants in a relaxed setting without the pressure of a networking event, or the hassle of a bar. Social Dining was launched in 2012 with a simple mission: to help introduce you to new friends (and complete strangers) over a classy meal. Social Dining aims to create an “in real-life movement,” in which the online platform helps people develop social networks offline. With the launch of and the expat week, this dining experience is now also available for expats and internationals in the Netherlands.

How does it work
Via the website, users can choose from a list of €19-meals offered during the week at a selection of restaurants in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. The website shows how many seats are available (5 to 10 diners per table), along with the profiles of the guests who have already registered, and the menu planned for the evening. Some meals are themed or hosted with the purpose of bringing people together with shared interests and to initiate conversation-topics at the meal. To join a meal, you simply register via the website. “The Social Dining Expat Week offers everyone the opportunity to meet other expats and enjoy incredible food at affordable prices,” explains Social Dining co-founder Jesse van der Meulen. “It’s a great dining experience for everyone, and we encourage expats and internationals to make a reservation today.”

Extra deals to celebrate launch
To celebrate the launch of the international platform, all visitors will receive free membership of The Guest Card, a free private chauffeur after dinner, free consult from Expat Center and other special deals. With The Guest Card, exclusively designed for the expat community of the Netherlands, expats will be introduced to the best shops, restaurants, services and entertainment of the country. The Expat Week will be rounded off with an exclusive get-together at cocktail-bar “Dvars” in Amsterdam on March 1st.