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Dutch government officials get Social Media lessons

Government officials from the city of Amsterdam are subjected to a lesson “social media”.

Twitter, Hyves or Facebook can be a valuable addition to traditional forms of communication, according to the argument.

“Especially in crisis, it is good if the community is also involved in social media. You can see what is going on and can pick up rumors and possibly weaken them, “said spokesman Ton Boon Thursday Against Domestic Management.

Boon gave a course on using social media to employees of the various Government districts of Amsterdam such as the fire department and health care authorities.

Services like Twitter have a significant impact, according to the spokesperson, when after a recent subway accident, rumors, movies and photos on the micro blog appeared within minutes. Boon said to be surprised with the large amount of errors that were distributed.

Boon hopes to become part of social media communication plans. “Now it is mainly still pioneers. But you cannot build a network when there is a crisis, then everything needs to be ready, such as an official Twitter account of the municipality to which you refer. ”