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Hyves introduces social networking for the dead

Social networking does not stop when you are dead. As of today Dutch social network Hyves can be set, by request, in an “In Memoriam ” mode.

Relatives will have the possibility to request that the Hyves profile of their deceased loved ones becomes an online memorial.

The In Memoriam status makes it clear for all Hyves users that a Hyves profile is of a deceased a user. It mentions the date of death prominently in the online profile; the age of a user remains the same to the date of death.

The In Memoriam status also ensures that chat in the profile is disabled and no longer be sent private messages to and from the deceased a user remains. The private life of a user remains protected, private pictures and personal messages are not visible to relatives.

Some detailed technical jiggery-pokery is undertaken behind the scenes to make sure that reminders about birthdays, or invitations to play silly games with dead loved ones can’t occur. So the dead can neither poke nor be poked. Some might think this a shame, but it does secure a right to rest in peace for those who would value it.

Relatives who wish to apply for a deceased status Hyves users can contact via Hyves