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New campaign against software piracy

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) launched a new campaign in the Netherlands to the fight against corporate software piracy.

From mid-January, the BSA campaign “Black on White” will try to get the attention of consumers through direct marketing, viral marketing and radio commercials.

According to the BSA, the use of pirated software is unfair competition and leads to loss of jobs. The organization hopes the campaign will encourage people to report software piracy.

“The impact of software piracy on the economy and fair competition should be enough reason to sign, ” says Alastair de Wet, president of the BSA Committee in the Netherlands. “We think that if companies see that the BSA encourages the reporting of it, they no longer wait and make sure that they are immediately compliant.

I understand that for some people it is a big step to notify of software piracy, but not reporting it is unjust for many companies that do pay for, and working with legal software. ”

Informants can fill in a form on the BSA website. If their tip leads to pay a damage compensation by a company, informants can earn up to ten percent of the money eventually paid, with a maximum of ten thousand euros.