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Dutch soldiers taken hostage in Libya

Colonel Gaddafi holds three soldiers of the Dutch navy hostage, their Lynx helicopter and a citizen of the Netherlands got caught. They fell into the hands of Gaddafi’s troops after a failed rescue operation in the Libyan city of Sirte.

This was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense on Wednesday night. The department of Defense and Foreign Affairs are currently negotiating feverishly with the Libyan authorities on the release of the detained three-man helicopter crew. Their families in the Netherlands have been informed of the tragic developments.

The soldiers came to pickup two evacuees from the desert, a Dutchman and a European whose nationality has not yet been revealed, are now safely delivered by the Libyan authorities to the Dutch embassy in Tripoli, reports Defense spokesman Otte Beeksma. From there they safely left the country yesterday.

The three Dutch soldiers left Sunday at the end of the day with the helicopter aboard the frigate Hr. Ms. Tromp.
These warships of the Royal Navy arrived two days earlier for the Libyan coast.

The three soldiers would pickup a Dutch citizen in Sirte, about 450 km east of the capital Tripoli, who wanted to leave the riot-stricken Arab country.

The Libyan leader Gaddafi has shown video Thursday of the three Dutch soldiers he is holding hostage. They were seen on the news of the Libyan state television.