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Sony unveils ultrathin roll-up OLED display

Sony unveiled a super-flexible, ultrathin, color organic light emitting diode (OLED) display which can be rolled up. It said it will demonstrate the new screen at the Society for Information Display symposium in Seattle on June 27.

The 80 micrometers-thin OLED display (about the width of a human hair) can continuously display moving images even while being rolled up, as Sony demonstrated in a video below.

The working flexibility is possible because engineers have managed to lose the rigid driver IC chips usually used in the substrate of a screen in exchange for a gate-driver circuit with OTFTs (organic thin-film transistors), according to Sony.

The 4.1-inch display, which has a resolution of 432×240 pixels (121 pixels per inch), is not for sale. It could one day be used in a host of flexible mobile devices, television, electronic newspapers and magazines.

‘Even after 1,000 cycles of repeatedly rolling-up and stretching the display, there was no clear degradation in the display’s ability to reproduce moving images’, a Sony spokesman said.

The prototype screen will be presented at a conference tomorrow on the sidelines of the Society for Information Display (SID) exhibition in Seattle.

Watch a video of the screen in action…

The consumer electronics giant has been at the forefront of this technology, showing one of the world’s first flexible OLEDs in existence at CES 2009. That screen was .2 millimeters thin.
Of course, Sony is not the only one experimenting with thin and flexible screens.