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Spectacular reopening of Holland Casino Scheveningen: the “casino of the future”

Holland Casino reopened its renovated casino in Scheveningen with a 3D building projection. DJ Ferry Corsten and State Secretary Fred Teeven spun a virtual roulette wheel to send the first ball dancing across the casino’s façade and opened the casino of the future. The combination of games, restaurants, bars, lounges and music, makes that people no longer have to choose between spending an evening at a casino or a club. Guests enjoyed live performances by DJ Ferry Corsten and singer Ben Hague.

This evening, a spectacular interactive 3D building projection marked the reopening of the fully renovated Holland Casino in Scheveningen. The casino was officially opened by State Secretary of Security and Justice Fred Teeven and world-famous DJ Ferry Corsten. They spun a virtual roulette wheel to send the first ball dancing across the casino’s facade. Guests and the general public then had the opportunity to try their luck in the new casino. Accompanied by the music of Ferry Corsten, the 3D show ushered in the opening of this casino of the future, which in addition to gambling, also offers entertainment, games, bars and restaurants.

“This casino combines gaming with glitz and glamour, entertainment, culinary excellence and stylish design: exactly what people want from a night out”, said chairman Dick Flink of the Holland Casino board.

The 3D spectacle, projected onto the entire facade of Holland Casino Scheveningen allowed the general public to play live roulette. However, it also gave guests and the general public a first glimpse at the stylishly designed gaming halls, the modernised restaurant, the new High Energy Zone where DJs play music throughout the entire year, and the Top Lounge on the third floor. The interactive projection is an optical illusion between projection and reality, created using 3D video mapping.

The casino of the future
The renovated casino gives people everything they need for a good night out, with an eclectic combination of games, entertainment, relaxing lounges and a huge variety of food & drink. “In order to realise this casino of the future, we studied casino concepts throughout the world as well as listening carefully to what our guests had to say. Together with the casinos in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Holland Casino Scheveningen provides the blueprints for the renovation work that will be done at our other casinos”, said Dick Flink.

DJ Ferry Corsten and Ben Hague live!
After the 3D spectacle, the reopening party was moved inside the casino, where it continued into the early hours of the morning. Guests were treated to a performance by DJ Ferry Corsten and a live performance by singer Ben Hague. “Ben Hague and I recently released the hit single Ain’t No Stoppin’, and we performed it live for the first time in The Netherlands tonight, especially for this opening night. This record is on my new album WKND, which is now available in shops. It was great to see the audience go crazy!”, said Ferry Corsten enthusiastically.

About Holland Casino
Every year, the fourteen locations of Holland Casino attract a combined total of 5.5 million guests. The key focus is always to offer a unique range of games and entertainment in a safe and reliable environment. Holland Casino is a world leader in responsible gaming. In 2008, 2009 and 2011, Holland Casino won the international award ‘Socially Responsible Casino Operator of the Year’. The games of chance offered by Holland Casino are externally supervised by the NMi and Verispect. The slot machines at Holland Casino have an average pay-out percentage of around 92% (the legal norm is 80%). For table games such as roulette, this percentage can increase to 98.6%.