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Sex Spider killed in Dutch supermarket

A toxic spider crawled out of a bunch of bananas at the jumbo hypermarket in the Netherlands. This species of banana spider has poison that causes infernal pains and paralysis phenomena. Men bitten by the Phoneutria nigriventer experienced long and painful erections which can lead to impotence.

The spider was captured by a hypermarket employee and has nobody was bitten, according to Johan Dijkstra manager of the vegetable department.

The very toxic Brazilian wandering spider (phoneutria nigriventer) travelled together with a bunch of bananas from Costa Rica to the Netherlands.

An employee of the vegetable department put the spider on display in a glass jar.

The store handed the spider over to a vet who killed the spider by drowning. “we must think of our own health, according to the vet”.

The Brazilian wandering spiders appear in the Guinness Book of World Records 2007 for the most venomous animal.

Brazilian and US scientists are looking into using spider venom as a possible natural Viagra.