Sex Spider killed in Dutch supermarket

Sex Spider killed in Dutch supermarket

A toxic spider crawled out of a bunch of bananas at the jumbo hypermarket in the Netherlands. This species of banana spider has poison that causes infernal pains and paralysis phenomena. Men bitten by the Phoneutria nigriventer experienced long and painful erections which can lead to impotence.

The spider was captured by a hypermarket employee and has nobody was bitten, according to Johan Dijkstra manager of the vegetable department.

The very toxic Brazilian wandering spider (phoneutria nigriventer) travelled together with a bunch of bananas from Costa Rica to the Netherlands.

An employee of the vegetable department put the spider on display in a glass jar.

The store handed the spider over to a vet who killed the spider by drowning. “we must think of our own health, according to the vet”.

The Brazilian wandering spiders appear in the Guinness Book of World Records 2007 for the most venomous animal.

Brazilian and US scientists are looking into using spider venom as a possible natural Viagra.

  • Stefan2209

    Quite interesting…

    Quite interesting, to have a species found in a shipment from a location where this species isn´t even occurring.

    Even more interesting, to have a “vet” around who´s said to be able to track down a species identification in Phoneutria. By which means was this conducted, taxonomically or “other”?
    If that person is in fact that knowledgeable and experienced to be able to identify a Ctenid spider down to species level, the very same person should also be aware of the fact that it´s just extremely unlikely that the encountered species was indeed P. nigriventer, but most likely in fact the much less toxic and in costa Rica commonly encountered P. boliviensis.

    Lastly, the picture you portray here is NOT P. nigriventer, but P. reidyi, which, just to mention, isn´t distributed in Costa Rica either.



  • rijnko

    Did you get an automated translation program to produce this English text? I had a good laugh seeing how many mistakes there are. For example: “between the bananas.” Were there 2 bananas only? Also you might have your text checked on spelling mistakes or improper use of tenses. All of this is not so important of course, but I do feel sorry for the employee who was put for show on the counter.

  • L.

    Interesting, same thing happened in Tulsa Oklahoma yesterday. The same type of spider was found in a shipment of banana’s from Honduras.

  • A Bunch Of Know-It-Alls

    Well I guess you need only to read the responses left by # 1 and #2 to understand why so many hate us Americans. They some us up pretty good. A bunch of know-it-alls with the wrong information. Please allow me to retort their statements:

    #1 While you are correct of your description of the photo, you have your facts wrong regarding the spiders locale. They are found in Costa Rica.

    #2 Let me guess…… are either single or divorced. I can’t see someone putting up with your obnoxiousness. First of all, if this website is actually edited and published by someone of Dutch heritage, then English is not their native language. It’s probably 1 of at least three languages that they speak and write. You should be happy that they even translated the story to English so that you could read it. I doubt that you read and write German. Besides, if you’re so damn smart you should be a professor. Actually, now that I’ve read your statement again, I see that you don’t even understand English too good being that there is nothing grammatically wrong with “between the bananas”. Enjoy being single.

    #3 Kind of scary isn’t it? Make sure you snap a photo of the thing with your phone if you happen to be attacked by these little fireballs!

  • Jeff Guthery

    To “A Bunch Of Know-It-Alls” – How do you know the first and second comments were left by Americans? And who are you to criticize grammar when your own posting “sums” up that you yourself don’t understand English too “well.” Some people people are too arrogant to comprehend their own ignorance.

  • Mark

    LOL…..I have NEVER met an AMERICAN named STEFAN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. He is definitely from Europe. So to,” A Bunch Of Know-It-Alls,” actually analyze what you are reading before you go off and say that Stefan is from America. If he was from America he would have called himself Steven or possibly even Stephen, but Stefan? NO

    If anything, I would make fun of the first person’s comments just for the fact that he dove so deep into the subject. Who care what species the spider was?? P. a;ksenqankds and P.asjklgask both are spiders and both are venomous. This article should be shut down for fraudulency. Wait maybe when it got translated 16 times so us Americans could read it, the wrong species of spider was translated from the Dutch version.

    4 AM and you are bashing us Americans, you must be a professional with a good job. I would imagine that if you worked you would be asleep at 3:39am!!! So keep playing on you computer and be that big bad internet bully that you are. Im going back to work now so I can make that fat american PAYCHECK!!

    Oh and Jeff Guthery you nailed it on the head. You summed up everything I thought about that guy in a few sentences. I am impressed

  • pete

    Lots of misinformation about spiders, folks still aren’t sure whether these wandering spiders are deadly , marginally deadly or rarely deadly. Just like they still aren’t sure whether violin backs (recluse) bites are responsible for tissue damage or whether its allergic reactions to common hobo spiders. You’d think after 40 or 50 years questions like these would be settled. I read that they share exactly the same aggressive posturing as tarantulas which the authority called ‘unique’ behaviour. Perhaps words like ‘unique’ and ‘deadly’ are not really words at all just filler gibberish before nouns.

    Maybe we should spend more money on researching spiders. As far as I know , the worlds most deadly spider is still the daddy long legs, harmless to humans and mammals only because its ‘fangs’ aren’t long enough to bypass the epidermal layer of most mammal skin. So I guess if something is much less toxic but has a better delivery system, we call it ‘the worlds most dangerous’ even if we don’t really have sufficient information to back it up because it sells. Strange planet indeed.

  • Marleen

    Thank you for translating dutch news articles! Unfortunately people are so ungrateful these days that they feel the need to criticize your grammar use. People nowadays expect the whole world to speak perfect English, even if it is a second language to most of us.

  • Hi People
    How are you doing?

  • Heidi

    Days ago, I had a banana dish and drained it with spider soup in Tahiti. What’s the fuss about?

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