Spring officially arrives in the Netherlands

Spring officially arrives in the Netherlands

Spring officially kicked off Tuesday and the Netherlands enjoyed another day of record or near-record warmth on the last official day of winter.

The astronomical spring started Tuesday at 06.14 hours when the sun was directly above the equator. Spring never started so early since 1896, usually the astronomical spring starts on March 21.

Astronomers determine the beginning of the spring on the basis of the position of the earth in relation to the sun.

In recent years, spring officially began usually on 21 March, but in the coming decades it is expected to start on 20 March almost every year. Spring began on March 1 for all meteorologists.

Dutch meteorologists expect a beautiful spring week. Tuesday promises to be a sunny day with temperatures between 10 and 13 degrees.

The rest of the week will be mostly sunny and dry, with temperatures that can reach 20 degrees in the south of Netherlands on Friday.

March may be one of the top ten warmest March month ever.

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