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Starbucks to open 10 branches in the Netherlands

Starbucks will open the first branch of the American coffee chain in a Dutch city Thursday.

Starbucks started in 2007 in the Netherlands, with a branch at Schiphol Airport. ”Within one year, there will be ten new stores” said Richard Nelsen European Director of Starbucks Wednesday. ”And that’s just the beginning.”

The Amsterdam Leidsestraat gets the first real Starbucks store, and then it’s the turn of the metropolitan Beethoven Street. One will be focused on tourists, the other on Amsterdam locals.

The stores are larger than average in the Netherlands, the Netherlands is simply a not a ‘coffee to go ‘ country.

The Netherlands has a great coffee culture, we should have started earlier, said Nelsen.

”There is still plenty of room and usually we create growth in a market.” even if others are there already, he says.

”The average American drinks three to four cups of coffee a day; we want to serve as many of these cups.”

Nelsen says that Starbucks learned a lot about the Dutch consumer. ”We will adapt a little bit. We will not change the recipes for the drinks, but perhaps introduce a local drink and especially apple pie.”