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Starbucks Coffee to expand in the Netherlands

Starbucks Coffee is expecting hundreds of coffee lovers at the opening of the fourth Dutch Starbucks branch of the U.S. coffee chain in the Netherlands.

At Utrecht Central station, the Starbucks staff, dressed in the world famous black polo shirts and green suspend will supply passengers their coffee. On Hyves there is already a community with thousands of members who are delighted with the opening of the Starbucks in Utrecht.

Hans van Bochove, communications director of the European branch of Starbucks, particularly welcomes the opening of the Dutch branch. “We have our only coffee roasting company outside the United States In the western port of the Netherlands and we also have our European headquarters in the Netherlands. Then of course there should be Starbucks shops in the Netherlands. ”

In 2007 Starbucks began in the Netherlands with a branch at Schiphol. In November there were two. These branches serve mainly as a takeaway for coffee.

The subsidiary in Utrecht, will serve as ‘the third place’ for its visitors. “The place between home and work or home and school,” according to Van Bochove. “People don’t just pick up their coffee, but also for the “gezelligheid”.”In the branch at Utrecht CS people sitting quietly drinking their coffee and use free internet.