Stolichnaya Launches Its Limited Edition Pristine Water Series

Stolichnaya Launches Its Limited Edition Pristine Water Series

The Himalayan Edition is unveiled as the first in the collection featuring Global water sources

elit™ by Stolichnaya®, the highest rated white spirit in the world(1), proudly announces the launch of its new limited edition vodka: The Himalayan Edition. This will be the first in the ‘elit pristine water series’, offering only 300 bottles for global distribution. Through this new venture, Stolichnaya aims to mark another pioneering achievement in the class of ultra-premium spirits.

Stolichnaya has taken great care to handcraft the elit pristine water series, a unique vodka of unprecedented perfection and exclusivity for the most discerning palate. The quest to find the world’s most pristine water sources has led the company to the Langtang National Park in the heart of the Himalayas.

“With the launch of this first-of-its-kind, limited edition series, elit by Stolichnaya continues to raise the bar when it comes to providing superior quality, perfection, and taste,” offers Val Mendeleev, CEO of SPI Group. “As a leader in the spirits industry, this is our way of providing our clients with exciting opportunities to treat their discerning taste buds.”

The water used for the first edition of the series has been sourced from the heart of the Himalayan Mountain Range. There, it is formed from the perpetual melting of snow and journeys through countless layers of rock to an internal reservoir. This water, of unparalleled quality, is then combined with the finest winter wheat harvested from the Tambov region in Russia. Situated alongside the all-natural Kershinskoye water reservoir, this wheat is completely free from impurities. These impeccably fresh ingredients are mechanically filtered to remove imperfections while maintaining the water’s natural composition and characteristics. And finally, this rarest of vodkas undergoes a unique freeze-filtration process to ensure no imperfections remain in the final liquid.

After going to incredible lengths to source the purest water, grow the highest-quality grain and distill it into the world’s most precious vodka, it could only be housed in a one-of-a-kind handcrafted bottle.

The elit pristine water series bottle is made from the finest, hand-blown, superior-quality Bohemian glass available, which is sealed with the exquisite gold-plated decorative ice pick. Each bottle is housed in an individually numbered hand-made, walnut carved chest. The unique character of the Himalayan Edition comes from the provenance of its water and grain, together with its distinctive distillation process and packaging of unparalleled quality.

As part of the unveiling of the elit pristine water series: The Himalayan Edition, elit by Stolichnaya has partnered with Oceana, the largest international organization working solely to protect the world’s oceans. Gaining access to the most impeccably fresh water sources requires a unique partner and to celebrate, elit by Stolichnaya will be contributing towards the great projects that Oceana undertakes on behalf of the world’s oceans, coinciding with the release of this first edition.

The elit pristine water series from Stolichnaya is 40% ABV (80 proof), retailing at $3,000.00 per limited-edition bottle. Stolichnaya will be revealing a new water source and the next edition in 2012.

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