Substantial growth Dutch exports to China

Substantial growth Dutch exports to China

In 2012, the Dutch share of exports of goods to large emerging markets like China, India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia was relatively modest compared to Germany and Belgium. Within the EU 28, the Netherlands is in sixteenth place according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

Last year, 1.6 percent of the overall value of Dutch exports went to China. This share was significantly lower than the German share of 6.1 percent. The Belgian export rate to China was also higher. In relative terms, India appeared to be an important trading partner for Belgium in 2012; 2.3 percent of goods exported by Belgium were destined for India. Germany exported 0.9 percent to India versus only 0.4 percent for the Netherlands. The shares of exports to Saudi Arabia and Indonesia vary less. Altogether, Dutch exports to the large emerging markets mentioned to above (2.5 percent) were considerably lower than the German and Belgian shares (8.1 and 5.1 percent respectively).

In fifteen EU countries exports more focused on large emerging markets
The value of Dutch exports was the second largest within the EU 28 in 2012. With respect to the share of exports to the large growth markets in China, India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands held a modest sixteenth position and the Dutch share of 2.5 percent was nearly half below the EU average, partly due to the fact that a substantial part of Dutch exports are re-exported. It concerns products which – after being imported – undergo very little or no further processing and are exported again, predominantly to other European countries. Within the EU 28, Germany was proportionally the largest exporter to the four large growth markets. With 6.4 and 5.8 percent respectively, Finland the United Kingdom held second and third place.

Between 2008 and 2012, the value of Dutch exports to China has nearly doubled to 7.6 billion euros, making China the second largest growth market for Dutch exports. Exports to the other large growth markets have not developed so rapidly. With 2.2 billion euros, Saudi Arabia was the second most important large growth market in 2012, followed by India. Dutch exports of goods to Indonesia, on the other hand, were last year below the level of 2008.

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