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Sunny Queen’s Day 2012 kicks off in the Netherlands

Queen’s Day celebrations kicked off in wonderful sunshine over the weekend, until the evening it will remain dry and sunny with temperatures between 16 and 22 degrees.

The Netherland turns into an ocean of orange and red-white-blue, as they celebrate ‘Queen’s day 2012’. On April 30 the Netherlands colors orange when it celebrates Queen’s Day and the orange craze spreads all across the country, with parties in all cities and villages.

Queen Beatrix, who is 74, and the Dutch Royal Family are celebrating Queens day in Rhenen and Veenendaal.

The traditional all-night street parties on the eve of Queen’s Day have not caused major problems, according to Dutch police. Thousands of revellers began celebrating Queen Beatrix’ official birthday on Sunday evening.

During this national holiday events and celebrations are held throughout the country and Amsterdam transforms into the capital of festivals. You’ll find public street markets, music and bars on every street corner.

It’s on big party in the Netherlands on Queen’s day, the terraces are full and free market are everywhere where neighbors try to sell the old stuff to eachother.