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MTV My Super Sweet 16 in the Netherlands

MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, the tv show of teenager birthday celebrations in Hollywood-style, will come once to the Netherlands.

The nearly 17-year-old Medy celebrates her birthday on Sunday in front of the camera in the nightclub Hooizolder Westkapelle village in Zeeland the Netherlands.

Besides nearly a thousand guests there will also be international stars on her very expensive party, according to the AD.

Who Medy exactly is and where she lives is kept secret.

My Super Sweet 16 takes you on a wild ride of all the excitment, surprises and over-the-top fun as teens prepare for their most important birthday celebrations.

My Super Sweet 16 gives you all the goss of one teen’s outrageous journey as they plot, plan and prepare for the party to end all parties.

These kids will only accept the absolute best and now it’s up to them to make sure nothing gets in the way!