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SuperSexual: Tim Daze and Jerry May – SixtyNine EP

When you call your new release Sixtynine EP, you’re deliberately setting out to be provocative. But with Jerry May returning to the scene after a huge 14 year hiatus to partner with Push It’s Tim Daze, the duo have reason to want to make a splash.

So what led this duo down the path towards creating such a fabulous EP in 2011? Belgian Tim first felt the musical urge at a very young age. Attendance at a local music school allowed him to learn music theory and master a few instruments. He showed incredible natural ability – so much so that at 15 years old he became one of the youngest students at the Royal Conservatorium in Brussels.

After he turned 16 Tim started to frequent clubs and parties. He was instantly drawn to electronic dance music. He dropped out of the conservatorium, saved all his money to buy an old pc for music production and the rest, of course, is history.

Jerry May first encountered the EDM scene in 1989 when visiting clubs across Belgium and Holland. During weekend trips he listened to and met some of the era’s top DJs, like Zolex (Frank), Tofke, Franky Jones and Joey Beltram. By 1990 he’d acquired turntables of his own and had started to play the club circuit.
Now, after 14 years away from the scene, Jerry is back. His production today is informed by the new genres he admires including progressive and minimal.

Set to steam up the airwaves this April, the Sixtynine EP, released on Push It Records, is an epic return to form for May. It tips a nod to techhouse, techno, minimal and trendy club sounds, and also brings in Tim Daze’s notorious energy and party spirit. Daze’s reputation as a must-have party DJ is growing steadily and the move to production also seems to be suiting him well.

The EP features a blazingly hot remix from Joey Payne that will have clubbers getting down for sure. The Transynth remix too hits home hard with a triumphant, hypnotic urgency leading to an irresistible climax.

Tim Daze and Jerry May – Sixtynine EP is out from today on Push It Records and available on and all other online music retailers.

Tim Daze and Jerry May – Sixtynine EP preview on Soundcloud: