Sustained slump in new design orders for Dutch architectural projects

The overall value of new design orders for architectural projects slumped by nearly 15 percent in 2012 relative to 2011. The current value of the building sum is nearly 70 percent below the level of 2007.

The value of new orders for residential building projects dropped by nearly 20 percent. The value of orders for the construction of new houses fell most dramatically by more than 23 percent in 2012. The market for renovation projects and housing repairs picked up; the value of these new design orders increased by nearly 7 percent.

The market for non-residential building projects, like offices, hospitals and factory halls was hit less hard in 2012 than the market for residential building projects, but is also in the red figures. The value of orders for non-residential building projects declined by nearly 11 percent. The value of orders for renovation projects and repairs of non-residential buildings slumped by nearly 21 percent; the value of orders for the construction of new non-residential buildings fell by a relatively modest 6 percent.

Design orders for architectural projects are at the beginning of the building cycle and therefore an important indicator for future building activities.

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