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Sylvie van der Vaart named media woman of the year

Sylvie van der Vaart has been named media woman of 2010 during the Radio Regenbogen Award in Karlsruhe.

The Dutch presenter and wife of footballer Rafael van der Vaart is extremely popular in Germany.

“If you, despite a life threatening illness succeed to be one of the most popular personalities on German television, then you deserve this award, ” said Klaus Schunk, organizer of the award show.

Sylvie was very happy with the title and the corresponding award. Two days before she made her debut presentation with the German version of the TV show Let’s Dance, where she was a candidate last year.

Sylvie van der Vaart had won already a media prize in Germany.

Last year she received the Goldene Kamera for the program Das Supertalent in which she is in the designation process also this year.