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Introduction tablet stand by Swipespot

The new brand ‘Swipespot’ introduces an elegant tablet stand for the corporate market segment. The stand invites users to interactively browse through information and is meant for standing use. The tablet stand has a high level of design and is suitable for a variety of tablets including the iPad. Main feature is the customizable look, every product is unique. With the help of this exceptional product and attractive content companies are able to present themselves in an innovative way.

A growing number of companies recognize the added value of tablets as a communication tool. Especially the user interaction with these tablets creates new possibilities and opportunities. Swipespot now introduces a tablet stand that attracts users with its stylish and characteristic design. The main feature of this product is its customizability: the stand can be supplied in any color and with an illuminated logo according to corporate identity. Swipespot offers unique products only, in order to generate exclusivity for brands and companies. In addition to color and logo the type of tablet and its orientation can be determined. The tablet is tightly secured by a lock and thanks to the ergonomic design the tablet can be reached in a matter of seconds.

The tablet stand can be used in a wide variety of different scenarios. In retail for example the stand can generate extra turnover by allowing a webshop to be used in the physical shop environment. In this way a seamless integration of web and physical world is created. The tablet stand is also an innovative product in the already existing promotional assortment for fairs. Due to its striking appearance and attention value of the illuminated logo, visitors are attracted to the tablet. In healthcare, the tablet stand could be employed to offer extra services such as on-demand routing information.

The Swipespot tablet stand is the perfect way of presenting dynamic communication. The stand is designed by Studio Überdutch. They succeeded in combining strong design with an unique appearance and optimal application of digital brand presentation.