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Tablet Computers Takeover Netbooks

Sales of tablet computers passed Netbooks for the first time in the Netherlands.

More than 93,000 mini laptops (netbooks) were sold in the fourth quarter of 2010 in the Netherlands, down 17.5 percent compared with the previous quarter.

The tablet computer sales rose dramatically by nearly 71 percent, to more than 125,000 pieces. According to figures from IDC on the Dutch market.

Across the years the Netherlands has sold 206,000 tablet computers. Three out of four tablet computers sales are from Apple.

The tablet computer is on the rise, which began last year with the launch of the iPad and swallows market share of netbooks.

This year also other brands with a tablet computer will enter the market. The Galaxy Tab Samsung has been available a few months. Soon to follow Motorola, Dell, HP, BlackBerry and many others with their own tablet computer.

Worldwide, 17 million tablets have been sold in 2010. IDC expects that in 2012 about four times as many will be sold.

Not only the sales of mini laptops is therefore under pressure also the sale of a laptop is decreasing.
The more tablets that are sold in the world, the fewer Windows licenses are sold. Next to no tablets have Windows installed, while almost every netbook has a copy of Windows installed.

Should Microsoft be concerned?