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Young people getting smarter in the Netherlands

Posted in News | 4 comments

Dutch young people are getting smarter in the Netherlands. The proportion of 18 – to 25-year olds with a college or university...

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Dutch girls smarter than boys

Posted in Health | 5 comments

Dutch girls are smarter than boys. They are better in languages, follow higher education levels and are more likely to get a diploma. This...

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Highly educated people earn double in the Netherlands

Posted in News | 1 comment

The income of highly educated people in 2009 was on average almost twice as high as that of low skilled. According to figures from the...

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Dutch school teaches with iPads

Posted in Technology | 2 comments

The Hondsrug College in Emmen the Netherlands will use iPads in teaching. The Dutch high school with 2,000 students will start a pilot...

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Many dropouts back to school

Posted in Health | 0 comments

Many dropouts in the Netherlands have gone back to school to accumulate credits and graduate. According to figures from the Dutch Central...

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