Large Dutch cities continue to grow, but growth rate will slow down

Posted on Oct 1, 2013 in News | 0 comments

According to the new regional population and household forecast released today by the Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) and Statistics...

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IBM Announces IBM Services Center in the Dutch province of Groningen, Creating up to 350 New Tech Roles for Local Market

Posted on Jun 21, 2013 in News | 0 comments

IBM announced a new services center in the city of Groningen, The Netherlands that will create up to 350 technical IT roles in the coming...

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Google expands Street View in the Netherlands

Posted on Nov 10, 2009 in Technology | 0 comments

The Internet company Google is going to expand Google street view coverage for the Netherlands significantly. Dutch Residents of The...

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Meteor Fireball Explodes Over Netherlands

Posted on Oct 13, 2009 in Technology | 6 comments

A fireball meteor zipped across the Netherlands sky Tuesday evening before exploding in to the North Sea, an expert says. The Netherlands...

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