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France third largest market for Dutch international road transport

Posted in Business | 0 comments

Dutch hauliers carried nearly 6 million tons of goods from the Netherlands to France in 2010, making France the third largest market for...

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Ghost Hunters International Amsterdamned

Posted in Entertainment | 2 comments

Tune in alert for the next all-new episode of Ghost Hunters International, as Barry and Kris take on an investigation at an Amsterdam...

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Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2010

Posted in Entertainment | 0 comments

The 13th Amsterdam International Fashion Week will open on Wednesday, 17 July 2010. From Wednesday the 14th until Sunday the 18th of July...

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International Sand Sculpture Festival Scheveningen

Posted in Events | 3 comments

The 19th International Sand Sculpture Festival in Scheveningen begins on Sunday, April 25, 2010 The sand sculptures are on display at the...

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Dutch Miss Tourism Queen 2009

Posted in travel | 2 comments

Franca Nieuwenhuijs, a Dutch 20-year-old beauty from Spijkenisse, leaves next Friday for a month to China to represent the Netherlands in...

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