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With Meet & Seat, KLM integrates social media with air travel

Posted in travel | 1 comment

KLM launched Meet & Seat. This makes KLM the first airline to integrate social networking in its regular flight process. Passengers...

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KLM launches Meet & Seat on Facebook and LinkedIn

Posted in travel | 0 comments

Want to find out who will be on your KLM flight? With Meet & Seat you can view other passengers’ Facebook or LinkedIn profile details...

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Dutch professionals ranked happiest in the world

Posted in News | 0 comments

Professionals in the Netherlands are ranked as being the happiest in the world. Eighty percent of professionals in the Netherlands said...

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Cardcloud turns LinkedIn profiles into online business cards

Posted in Technology | 3 comments

Cardcloud announces LinkedIn integration into their signup process, enabling new users to easily set up an online business card populated...

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Netherlands Ranks #1 in Linkedin and Twitter Worldwide

Posted in Technology | 7 comments

The Netherlands ranks number one worldwide in penetration for Twitter and Linkedin. Hyves Maintains Position as Top Social Networking Site...

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Netherlands a testing ground for LinkedIn

Posted in Technology | 0 comments

Of all the nationalities that use LinkedIn, the Dutch are represented the best on the social network. This is the reason for the U.S....

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LinkedIn opens office in Amsterdam

Posted in Business | 0 comments

LinkedIn the social network site for professionals, has opened an office in Amsterdam. Its LinkedIn’s first office in continental...

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