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Marriage Rate In the Netherlands Drops Drastically

Posted in News | 1 comment

The number of marriages in the Netherlands dropped sharply, according to a new report from Statistics Netherlands. Fewer than 74 thousand...

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Friday is the most popular day to get married in the Netherlands but Monday gains popularity

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More than 78 thousand marriages and partnerships were registered in the Netherlands last year. The number of marriages and partnerships...

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First Twitter wedding

Posted in Entertainment | 0 comments

The first ‘Twitter wedding’ has been held in the Netherlands at Castle ‘t Kerckebosch in Zeist. Rene Hoksbergen asked his Jannetta...

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First Skype marriage due to Volcano in Iceland

Posted in Technology | 0 comments

The families of a couple stuck abroad have been forced to use Skype to watch them take their vows, as clouds of ash keep British planes...

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