Famke Janssen a Hunted Witch in Hansel and Gretel

Posted on Feb 11, 2011 in Entertainment | 0 comments

Dutch actress Famke Janssen has joined Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton in a “Hansel and Gretel” action comedy that depicts...

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New Kids Turbo Draws Million Visitors

Posted on Jan 20, 2011 in Entertainment | 0 comments

The Dutch movie New Kids Turbo has drawn more than one million visitors in a record time to the cinema. The makers received the Diamond...

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Bill Clinton to star in ‘The Hangover 2’

Posted on Nov 15, 2010 in Entertainment | 0 comments

Former US President Bill Clinton will play himself in “The Hangover 2,” a sequel to the 2009 comedy about three groomsmen who...

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Johnny Depp and Angelina not in Bed together

Posted on Mar 5, 2010 in Entertainment | 0 comments

Vanessa Paradis forbids Johnny Depp love scene with Angelina Jolie. Vanessa Paradis isn’t going to lose her man to Angelina Jolie...

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American High School in shock after seeing movie Fitna

Posted on Sep 23, 2009 in News | 3 comments

A U.S. High School class is in shock after seeing Fitna. American parents are angry with the high school teacher, after the movie Fitna...

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$70 zombie movie Colin

Posted on May 22, 2009 in Entertainment | 0 comments

Director Marc Price gives us the true meaning of making something out of nothing. Marc Price spent 18 months making the zombie film...

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