NASA’s Kepler discovers Earth’s twin

Posted on Dec 5, 2011 in travel | 0 comments

NASA’s Kepler mission has confirmed its first planet in the “habitable zone,” the region where liquid water could exist...

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NASA launches Curiosity the Next Mars Rover to Red Planet

Posted on Nov 26, 2011 in Technology | 0 comments

NASA began a historic voyage to Mars with the Nov. 26 launch of the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), which carries a car-sized rover named...

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NASA Announces Design For New Deep Space Exploration System

Posted on Sep 14, 2011 in travel | 0 comments

NASA has selected the design of a new Space Launch System that will take the agency’s astronauts farther into space than ever...

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NASA’s Space Shuttle Program Ends With Atlantis Landing

Posted on Jul 21, 2011 in travel | 0 comments

Wrapping up 30 years of unmatched achievements and blazing a trail for the next era of U.S. human spaceflight, NASA’s storied Space...

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NASA’s Hubble Discovers Another Moon Around Pluto

Posted on Jul 20, 2011 in travel | 0 comments

Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope discovered a fourth moon orbiting the icy dwarf planet Pluto. The tiny, new satellite —...

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Many Tourists To View NASA’s Final Shuttle Flight

Posted on Jul 7, 2011 in travel | 0 comments

Many tourists are going to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. to view the launch of STS-135, the final voyage in NASA’s...

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NASA’s Shuttle Endeavour on Its Final Space Mission

Posted on May 16, 2011 in travel | 0 comments

Space shuttle Commander Mark Kelly and his five crewmates are on their way to the International Space Station after launching from...

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NASA Helps Dutch Students Train Like Astronauts

Posted on Mar 24, 2011 in travel | 2 comments

The United States, Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Colombia, Spain and United Kingdom hosted teams for the first Mission X...

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NASA’s Shuttle Discovery on Its Final Mission

Posted on Feb 25, 2011 in News | 0 comments

The final flight of space shuttle Discovery lifted off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at 4:53 p.m. EST Thursday to deliver a new...

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NASA Releases Images Of Man-Made Crater On Comet

Posted on Feb 16, 2011 in travel | 0 comments

NASA’s Stardust spacecraft returned new images of a comet showing a scar resulting from the 2005 Deep Impact mission. The images...

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