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Dutch Tech Startups To Meet NYC Counterparts

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The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – in collaboration with WeWork – today announced a delegation of the...

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Free secret concert in New York by Heineken

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On August 17, 2011 Heineken’s NYC billboard on Lafayette and Great Jones became #occasionallyperfect. Heineken organized a free...

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New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts

Posted in travel | 110 comments

The police are your best friend. But not always. In New York, a Dutch girl on her bicycle almost got a fine because she wore a skirt....

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New York Ranked Best City to Live for Men

Posted in travel | 1 comment

New York City ranked best place in the world to Live for Men, according to New York City topped the list of 29 Cities to Live...

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Holland on New York subway

Posted in Entertainment | 0 comments

New York subways get a Dutch touch with Just be in holland. The Dutch Bureau of Tourism and Conventions, together with KLM launched the...

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Dutch New York 400th Hudson River Day

Posted in Entertainment | 2 comments

In 1609, Henry Hudson and his ship, the Half Moon, with a crew of Dutch and English sailors, ventured up the Hudson River from New York...

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