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Dutch police tickets Gumball 3000 drivers for speeding‎

Posted in Entertainment | 1 comment

The Dutch National Police handed speeding tickets Saturday during the Gumball 3000 race, a large-scale rally event from London to New...

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Lamborghini is the fastest police car

Posted in Technology | 0 comments

A Lamborghini police car with a top speed of 325 km/h is en route from Italy to the eastern Dutch city of Ewijk to be the top attraction...

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Dutch police goes open source

Posted in Technology | 2 comments

The Dutch police are going for an open source solution. Today, Red Hat, the leader in open source solutions, announced that the Dutch...

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Dutch Police hunt Cannabis Hemp growers with Canna Chopper

Posted in News | 4 comments

The Canna Chopper is the latest addition of the Dutch police crime-fighting arsenal. It is a special mini helicopter in order to detect...

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