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Dutchman arrested for throwing drugs stuffed snowball

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A 27-year-old Dutchman was arrested Saturday in The Hague, after he tried to throw a snowball stuffed with drugs over the wall of a...

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Cold Wave Freezes the Netherlands

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The cold snap that has put much of Europe in a deep freeze reached its chilliest point in the Netherlands this weekend, temperatures in...

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The Netherlands braces for severe weather with snow

Posted in News | 2 comments

The Dutch Met Office KNMI has issued its first ‘severe’ weather alert (code orange) for the provinces of Friesland, North...

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Record snowfall blankets the Netherlands

Posted in News | 1 comment

It is the first time in four years time that the Netherlands received so much snowfall. According to the National weather center KNMI. In...

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Tracks in snow helps Dutch police find suspect

Posted in Technology | 0 comments

Police in the Netherlands said they followed a trail of footprints in the snow from the scene of a burglary which led to the suspect. The...

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