Amsterdam Startup Aims To Become The Reuters For Social Networks

Posted on Dec 18, 2012 in Technology | 0 comments

Social media is a boon for journalists, bloggers and other content professionals, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good...

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Sexy and attractive Facebook friends makes you popular, says Dutch study

Posted on Apr 25, 2012 in News | 1 comment

Having good looking, sexy and attractive friends on Facebook will make you more popular, according to a recent Dutch study. The Dutch...

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Dutch government scans Twitter, Facebook to crack down on welfare fraud

Posted on Sep 12, 2011 in Technology | 1 comment

Dutch authorities in the Netherlands have begun using social networks such as Twitter, Facebook to crack down on suspected welfare cheats....

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Almost all Dutch Teens on social networks

Posted on Jan 10, 2011 in Technology | 0 comments

Almost all young Internet users in the Netherlands were active on a social networking sites like Hyves, Twitter and Facebook last year. As...

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