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September 2011 one of the hottest on record in the Netherlands

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Temperatures around the Netherlands were higher than expected Friday September 30th, above 27C in several cities around the country....

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The Netherlands now the warmest place in Europe

Posted in News | 17 comments

The coming days we can enjoy the beautiful weather. The sun is shining so strong that the Netherlands is currently the warmest place in...

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Massive solar flare incoming

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INCOMING CME: a coronal mass ejection (CME) propelled toward Earth by the X2-flare of Feb. 15th should arrive during the late hours of...

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Massive solar flare to cause chaos tomorrow?

Posted in Technology | 1 comment

An extremely large “solar flare” may disrupt GPS signals, mobile phones and air traffic tomorrow. The Belgian Star Observatory...

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Soon two suns in the sky

Posted in travel | 1 comment

Astronomers predict that in the near future there will be a second sun in our sky. Betelgeuse the infamous red super-giant star in Orion’s...

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Sunbathing is healthy

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Sunbathing is healthy and we often fear the sun for nothing, according to Dutch dermatologist Han van der Rhee, “the dermatologist...

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