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Dutch Tech Startups To Meet NYC Counterparts

The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – in collaboration with WeWork – today announced a delegation of…

Netherlands ranks 6th among world’s most advanced ICT economies

A new ITU report ranked the Netherlands 6th in the ranking of the most advanced ICT economies in the world. The…

McDonalds fired employee over cheese slice

The slice of the cheese costed more than the fast food chain expected

Microsoft Sues Mother for Anti Chat Program

She thinks that the case is not about the brand or domain name, but rather the product which she has…

On-line declaration from birth

Long waiting lines at the town hall for declarations will soon belong to the past.

Sexy Topless Meetings

newest trend in Silicon Valley already starts to get popular

Police retrieves drunk driver with its TomTom

A 24 year old person from tilburg cursed his expensive navigation system

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