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Netherlands ranks 4th in Bloomberg’s Best Countries for Business

The Netherlands is ranked 4th on the Bloomberg’s Best Countries for Business 2013. The Netherlands…

The Netherlands and Turkey set aside funds for aviation industry

Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen has signed a Memorandum of Understanding…

Google Street View Now Covers Whole Netherlands

Google Street View in the Netherlands Now it is possible to see almost the entire…

Dutch Aircraft Fokker is back

Investment NG Aircraft is developing a new Fokker aircraft, the Fokker 100 NG. Preparations for…

Dutch government collapsed

The Dutch government collapsed after several days of marathon discussions

Dutch smokers should pay more for healthcare

non-smokers and sporters should pay lower health insurance

Dutch Breaking News Tweet

Not everyone wants news surrounded by takes, commentary or features.

Dutch sports car maker Spyker buys Saab from GM for $74 Million

Great news for Saab employees, dealers, suppliers, customers and fans worldwide.

Netherlands bicycle capital of the world

Dutch bike fleet totals 18 million bicycles

Amsterdam hotel trendiest in the World

Hotel in Amsterdam has been named the Trendiest in the World

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