Microsoft Advertising Exchange Now Open for Business in the Netherlands

Posted on Jun 21, 2011 in Technology | 0 comments

Microsoft today announced that the Microsoft Advertising Exchange, a real-time bidded (RTB) marketplace that allows advertisers the...

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Tablet Computers Takeover Netbooks

Posted on Feb 7, 2011 in Technology | 0 comments

Sales of tablet computers passed Netbooks for the first time in the Netherlands. More than 93,000 mini laptops (netbooks) were sold in the...

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Mac users smarter than Windows users

Posted on Nov 24, 2010 in Technology | 0 comments

Mac users are smarter than Windows users, according to a recent study. The study was conducted by Intelligent Elite: they asked two...

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Google Switches from Windows to Mac Due to Security Concerns

Posted on Jun 1, 2010 in Technology | 0 comments

Google is switching from Microsoft Windows to Apple Mac company-wide due to security concerns. The move comes after news in January that...

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Bad McAfee Update affects millions on Windows XP

Posted on Apr 21, 2010 in Technology | 1 comment

A bad McAfee update on Wednesday created some problems for users running computers with Windows XP. If you’re a McAfee user and get...

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No multi-tasking and copy paste in Windows 7 Phone

Posted on Mar 17, 2010 in Technology | 0 comments

Windows 7 Phone can not run external apps in the background. Also copy-paste text between apps is still missing in the release of the...

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Don’t press F1 in Windows XP

Posted on Mar 4, 2010 in Technology | 0 comments

Microsoft warns Windows XP users not to press the F1 key in Windows XP, owing to an unpatched bug in VBScript discovered by Polish...

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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series

Posted on Mar 1, 2010 in Technology | 0 comments

At the Mobile World Congress 2010, Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 7 Series. With Windows Phone 7 Series, Microsoft takes a...

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Microsoft Netherlands giving away 777 copies of Windows 7

Posted on Oct 16, 2009 in Technology | 0 comments

In the Netherlands Microsoft is giving away 777 copies of Windows 7 to people who live in the small town of Zevenhuizen, which literally...

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