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For the Love of Wine: Het Eigendom, Rotterdam

Posted in food | 0 comments

Those who enjoy an exquisite glass of wine, poured with know-how and minus the snobbery, may rejoice as they make their way to winebar Het...

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Red wine won’t reduce blood pressure, Dutch study says

Posted in Health | 2 comments

Red wine and heart health have long been linked, with studies suggesting a glass or two a day lowers heart disease risk. Now, Dutch...

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Dutch Winemaker Sings for his Grapes

Posted in Entertainment | 1 comment

Talking to your plants helps them to grow. However, according to Dutch winemaker residing in France Ilja Gort, singing to plants...

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Antique wine sold for 57000 euros

Posted in travel | 0 comments

A 237 years old bottle of wine has been sold for 57,000 euros at an auction in the French town of Arbois. It is not just any wine but a...

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A new initiative in the world of wine

Posted in Business | 0 comments

Marnix Engels, 52, certified expert in wine by Dutch law and owner of several wine-related businesses has passed some of his enthusiasm to...

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Red wine protects brain

Posted in Health | 0 comments

A little red wine could help protect your brain from stroke damage, according to research from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine...

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