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Tamiflu for free in the Netherlands

The Dutch health officials have announced that it will distribute Tamiflu to fight swine flu to pharmacies this week. This means the drugs will be available free to everyone with a doctor’s prescription for the drug.

In a statement on its website on Tuesday, the ministry said it will distribute sachets of Tamiflu rather than capsules because this makes it easier to prepare doses suitable for children. Tamiflu is an antiviral drug that slows the spread of non-resistant strains of the influenza virus between cells in the body.

The ministry said too that the guidelines for tackling swine flu have been adapted so that the sickness can now also be diagnosed by general practioners and patients no longer need to go to the local public health department.

The Dutch health officials also has implemented plans for a mandatory vaccination policy. Dutch Police officers and nursing staff in the Dutch hospitals should be vaccinated against the Mexican flu during a national influenza pandemic. More than 25% of nurses don’t want to be vaccinated against the Mexican flu and even some doctors have doubts.

The Dutch health organization wants to ensure public safety and always have enough police available to ensure safety on the streets.