Dutch Television Advertising Up 10% In 2010

Dutch Television Advertising Up 10% In 2010

Dutch television advertising experienced a 10% increase in revenue last year, totaling 863 million Euro compared to 776.7 million Euros in 2009.

Data released by Dutch marketing center for television, SPOT, shows that television advertising continues its steady growth pattern for the year, experiencing a record 10% increase in revenue in 2010. Never before did companies spend so much money on TV commercials.

After feeling the effects of the economic downturn and tightened marketing budgets, television has bounced back with an impressive performance in 2010.

Television advertising is usually the first to be affected but conversely is usually the leader in the recovery cycle.

Public and commercial broadcasters expect more than one billion Euros will be spent on TV commercials this year. This represents a growth of between four and six percent.

According to trend watchers advertisers are trying lately to capture the “typically Dutch atmosphere” in TV commercials.

People love Dutch things. If people at home, they want to just relax and see some of their memories.

TV commercials of Heineken, Douwe Egberts, Albert Heijn and Unox are focused on Dutch stories and memories.

“The Dutch atmosphere is everywhere, in music, movies and theater. Companies use it because it’s good for their image and good for sales.”

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