Tess and Sem most popular Dutch names in 2013

Tess and Sem most popular Dutch names in 2013

Tess (774) and Sem (740) are the most popular names in the Netherlands. These names were most frequently given to newborns in 2013.

Sem was the most popular boys’ name nationally in 2013 and the most popular name for girls was Tess, according to the annual Top 20 of the Social Insurance Bank (SVB), the authority which pays the children’s allowance.

Levi was the second most popular boys’ name in the Netherlands, followed by Bram. The second most popular girls’ name nationally is Sophie followed by Julia. The SVB is responsible for the family allowances and therefore well aware of the names of newborns. In the Netherlands last year, approximately 176,000 children were born: nearly 86,000 girls and over 90,000 boys.

New in the top twenty is Zoë and Evi. Biggest gainers for boys are Jesse and Finn.

Daan and Emma were the most popular Dutch names in 2012.

Top 10 Dutch names for 2013:

Boys names
1. Sem
2. Levi
3. Bram
4. Daan
5. Finn
6. Milan
7. Lucas
8. Luuk
9. Jesse
10. Jayden

Girls names
1. Tess
2. Sophie
3. Julia
4. Emma
5. Lisa
6. Fenna
7. Mila
8. Sara
9. Lotte
10. Zoë

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